Important Notice to all CLA supporters

Due to a clerical error, the tax receipts previously issued by mail are not official donation receipts because they do not include CLA’s registered charity number.  We sincerely apologize. We have sent out new receipts via email. For those who do not have email, you will receive a new receipt via Canada Post. 

We are so sorry for any inconvenience.  The donation amount will not change.  For most who efile tax returns, this will have no impact. In the future, should CRA request to see your donation receipts, please provide them with the official receipt received by email, not the original received by mail.  

For those who have already paper filed their tax returns and included the original receipt with the paper file and you get reassessed, you can amend your return and submit the official receipt.  Again we apologize for any inconvenience; if you have more questions, please contact the church office during regular office hours.