Church Center Tutorial Page
Learn how to use or ChurchCenter App to Give, Connect to a Group and Register for Events

Welcome to ChurchCenter

ChurchCenter is now the place you will come to securely register for events, connect with your life group (in progress) and give online. You will find this a very user friendly avenue as it can be accessed through your smartphone or web browser. On this page we've included a few short tutorial videos and important links to get you on your way.

A Few Steps to Get You Started:

1. Go to your preferred link:
     iPhone App
     Non-iPhone (Android/Google) App Website

2. Follow instructions to login for the first time.
If you have been part of CLA for a while, there is a good chance your cell phone or email address (depending what you login with) will already be on file. If you aren't sure where to go, click here for some helpful images

3. Update your contact information if needed.
Please help us by updating any old or missing information. We would also love it if you could upload a picture of yourself.

4. That's it!
You are now well on your way to give, connect and register. Check out the short videos below to see what's in store.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

1.  Will ChurchCenter take the place of MyCLA?
Yes. After August 1, 2019 MyCLA will no longer be available.

2.  Can I still use Text To Give as I have in the past?
No. Text To Give will also be changed to a new number. You can now give on your phone by texting an amount you wish to give to 84321. You may be given a link to set up text giving if it is your first time.

3.  I have recurring contributions. Do I need to change these? 
Yes. If you have set up recurring contributions in MyCLA (online), the you will need to go to MyCLA (click here) and cancel these. Click Here for a simple 3-Step visual instruction.

4. If I don't use recurring online giving, do I need to do anything with MyCLA?
No. The information from MyCLA will be transferred into ChurchCenter. For security reasons, you'll have to confirm who you are the first time you log in (using either a cell phone or your registered email address). 

5.  How do I give online?
You can either go to the ChurchCenter website (click here) and securely enter your cell number or email to login. Or you can download the app for your smartphone (iPhone, Other phones - Google/Android) and follow the instructions when you start the app. Check out the video tutorial below.

6.  How do I register for an event?
Please look at the brief video on this page called “How to Complete Your Registrations”

Tutorial Videos